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  • 01-10-2017: Hull's cream telephone boxes all ring to mark Hull's UK City of Culture programme
    As part of the city's City of Culture programme residents listening to the receiver will be transported into the future to the year 2097.
  • 15-08-2017: BT plans to decommission half of its remaining public telephone network
    From a peak of 92,000 kiosks today only 40,000 remain, of which 7,000 are red telephone boxes. Now BT has announced plans to remove 20,000 kiosks due to declining use.
  • 15-08-2017: Dubliners left in shock as mindless vandals destroy a replica Irish telephone box days after its unveiling
    "The Wind Phone", constructed in the Dublin Mountains as a meditation spot, has been destroyed by idiotic vandals, much to the dismay of local residents.
  • 10-08-2017: Replica Irish telephone box is constructed at Two Rock in the Dublin Mountains
    Visitors to the mountains are intrigued by the "Wind Phone", which has been built as a meditation space by an anonymous group.
  • 08-08-2017: Shropshire residents fear that their village red telephone box has been stolen by thieves
    Villagers in Knockin have discovered their K6 kiosk has been stolen, as workmen were seen removing it, but BT had no knowledge of its removal.
  • 20-07-2017: Hampshire red telephone box is the latest adopted kiosk to be converted into a lending library
    Residents of the village of Steventon, the birthplace of author Jane Austen, have converted their adopted kiosk into a miniature library, named the Jane Austen Information Centre.
  • 11-07-2017: Hertfordshire red telephone kiosk undergoes restoration following intervention by a local MP
    MP Oliver Dowden has delighted South Mimms residents by getting BT to restore the village's red telephone box, which had fallen into a state of disrepair.
  • 07-07-2017: Under-threat red telephone boxes in Devon are given listed status, protecting them from removal.
    Seven K6 telephone kiosks in Teignbridge have been listed by Historic England, ensuring their survival in the South West of England.
  • 30-06-2017: Essex red telephone box partially disappears into a hole in the ground
    During water pipe works by Anglian Water an adopted telephone kiosk in Jasper's Green, Braintree started to sink into a hole in the ground.
  • 29-06-2017: A replica red telephone box has been constructed for a Scottish hospital's therapy garden
    Apprentices at Dounreay nuclear energy complex have built the replica K6 kiosk for Wick's Town and County Hospital Memory Garden.
  • 25-06-2017: Hull Daily Mail newspaper takes readers on a tour of the city's iconic cream telephone boxes
    The city of Hull, which has its own telephone box network now operated by service provider KCOM, is famous for its cream-painted K6 telephone kiosks.
  • 08-06-2017: Dilapidated Welsh telephone box is to be given a new lease of life thanks to Welsh National Lottery funding
    The Welsh National Lottery has made a £3,000 grant to members of the Bettws Phone Box Project to restore the "Wonky Box of Bettws".
  • 20-04-2017: The Financial Times considers the end of the telephone box
    Looking at the UK's telephone network and others across the world, is the end in sight for the telephone box?
  • 01-04-2017: British Telecom agrees to reinstall a red telephone box removed from a Leicestershire town
    Market Harborough residents have been victorious in getting a red telephone box returned to their High Street, following protests
  • 15-03-2017: A new book celebrates the history of the red telephone box
    The book, co-written by BT Technology, Service &l Operations' Andy Sutton and Nigel Linge, a professor of telecoms at the University of Salford, tells the story of the telephone box
  • 15-02-2017: London's 21st century telephone boxes are beset by issues and problems
    The new boxes, introduced by New World Payphones, have suffered with problems since their installation
  • 07-02-2017: New World Payphones gives the telephone box a 21st century redesign
    The new phone boxes, painted black, combine a pay phone with a fast WiFi hotspot powered by Virgin Media
  • 16-01-2017: Eight restored cream K6 kiosks return to Hull's city centre
    A £25 million scheme has seen eight K6 kiosks returned to Hull's city centre for its UK City of Culture programme.
  • 14-01-2017: Get Surrey looks at the remaining kiosks found around Surrey's villages
    Some of the remaining kiosks dotted across Surrey are photographed and profiled on line
  • 01-01-2017: The BBC News website looks at new lives for red telephone boxes
    Some of the innovative new ways to use Britain's iconic telephone boxes are profiled
  • 07-12-2016: The Londonist website looks at new lives for the red telephone box
    Some of the innovative new lives of London's iconic telephone boxes are profiled
  • 05-12-2016: British Telecom seeks to remove over 400 red telephone boxes across Kent
    The telecoms company plans to remove 430 phone boxes from across the region if plans go ahead
  • 05-12-2016: A pair of Lancashire red telephone boxes are set to be restored
    Town councillor David Barton announces that work is due to start on the two boxes located near Southport Town Hall
  • 26-10-2016: British Telecom seeks to remove over seventy red telephone boxes across North Norfolk
    The telecoms company plans to remove 74 phone boxes from across the region if plans go ahead
  • 25-10-2016: British Telecom announces the end of the telephone box as we know it
    The telecoms company unveils plans to introduce a new type of kiosk for the modern age with WiFi and phone charging points
  • 12-10-2016: British Telecom seeks to remove a quarter of public telephone boxes in the North East
    The telecoms company plans to remove 295 phone boxes from across the region if plans go ahead
  • 06-10-2016: British Telecom celebrates 80 years of the red telephone box
    The company that at one point tried to eradicate the red telephone box celebrates the kiosk's 80th birthday by projecting images of the kiosk onto iconic central London buildings
  • 13-09-2016: TimeOut magazine looks a new life for London's red telephone boxes
    The New York company Pod Works is turning some of London's kiosks into tiny, fully functional workspaces
  • 02-09-2016: Gold-painted K6 telephone kiosk celebrates Olympic rower Constantine Louloudis
    Eton College paints a K6 phone box gold in honour of former pupil Constantine Louloudis, who won gold in rowing at the 2016 Olympics
  • 16-08-2016: East Sussex red telephone box destined for a new home
    A K6 kiosk, originally located near to Uckfield railway station is to be moved to a more prominent High Street location
  • 15-08-2016: Essex pensioner holds one-man sit-in to protest at the removal of his local telephone box
    Pensioner Rashid Obi started his protest to stop the removal of a phone box in Billericay phone box
  • 02-08-2016: South Wales village kiosks set to become home to life-saving defibrillator equipment
    Dis-used kiosks in Monmouthshire are fitted with life-saving defibrillators with the support of Trellech United Community Council.
  • 16-07-2016: The Financial Times looks at the red telephone box in its series on UK icons of national identity
    After the UK voted to leave the EU, the newspaper looks at icons in the United Kingdom, and recognises the red telephone box as an "indispensable part of the UK streetscape".
  • 14-07-2016: Devon village kiosk fitted with life saving defibrillator equipment
    Bovey Tracey community leaders and Moorland First Aid fit out telephone kiosk with life-saving defibrillator.
  • 13-06-2016: The Irish News website reports that around 200 red telephone boxes remain in Northern Ireland
    The website reports than just 201 red telephone boxes remain, from a total of 1,349 public call boxes; 80 of the 201 boxes were not used in the previous twelve months
  • 21-05-2016: Residents awakened by dramatic explosion that destroyed converted Lincolnshire K6 telephone kiosk
    Local residents in Woodhall Spa are alerted by an explosion, as thieves attempt to steal a cash machine incorporated into a red telephone box.
  • 18-05-2016: Dartmouth residents provided with paint and brushes by British Telecom to renovate village kiosk
    With BT unable to complete the work, despite making profits of £3 billion, the company has provided residents of East Prawle with the paint and material required.
  • 16-05-2016: The Bowcliffe Estate takes delivery of a beautifully restored K2 telephone kiosk
    The West Yorkshire estate is how home to a K2 kiosk after Bowcliffe Chief Executive, Jonathan Turner, secured one of the kiosks for the estate.
  • 06-05-2016: "Haunted" Horsham red telephone box available for sale from company X2 Connect
    A local resident of Horsham recalls a family story of a "haunted" telephone box, that is now up for sale, and gives a warning to potential buyers.
  • 04-05-2016: Restored Sussex K6 telephone box available for sale from restorations specialists X2 Connect
    A K6 kiosk that used to stand in Horsham is available to purchase from kiosk and payphone specialist X2 Connect, for £2,695, plus VAT and delivery.
  • 10-04-2016: Semi-retired London IT consultant completes restoration project on a red K6 telephone kiosk
    The Guardian newspaper profiles Paul, from south London, who has lovingly restored a K6 telephone box in his garden, which is used as a shed/
  • 04-04-2016: Photographers record two "graveyards" of red telephone kiosks awaiting restoration
    Photographer Guy Hatton, from Rochester in Kent, takes a series of poignant photographs of kiosks in North Yorkshire, while Nicolas Ritter records those at Merstham in Surrey.
  • 16-03-2016: Birmingham-based dancer brings the red telephone box to life through music and dance
    New-Zealand born Corey Baker celebrates the telephone box through his new show, performed outdoors, where the kiosk is brought to life using a dynamic dance routine.
  • 10-03-2016: The Red Kiosk Company launches a crowdfunding campaign to help maintain the red telephone box
    A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched seeking funds to help maintain five telephone kiosks across the country.
  • 10-03-2016: Scottish red telephone kiosk is threatened with decommissioning by British Telecom
    A K6 kiosk in village of Alyth is threatened with removal by British Telecom, much to the dismay of the community.
  • 05-03-2016: The number of red telephone boxes in Bedfordshire has halved in the last 13 years
    The declining number of kiosks in Bedfordshire has seen over 250 of the original red telephone boxes removed, with nine adopted by local communities.
  • 23-02-2016: Hampshire telephone box 'firebombed' by mindless youths in early morning attack
    Firefighters are called out in the early morning to extinguish a fire started in a telephone box in Bishop's Waltham.
  • 20-12-2015: Cambridgeshire K6 kiosk is wrapped up as a 'giant toffee' to celebrate the Christmas season
    For the last five years the Ouse Life Drawing Group in Little Ouse, Ely, have taken inspiration from the Christmas season and decorated their local K6 kiosk as part of a monthly arts programme for the adopted kiosk.
  • 12-12-2015: Pair of Lancashire K6 telephone kiosks restored to their former glory
    Two K6 kiosks in Southport have been restored as part of on-going works to improve and restore the appearance of Lord Street.
  • 01-12-2015: Campaigners launch bid to save red telephone kiosk in remote Welsh countryside
    The Elenydd Wilderness Hostels Trust is leading a campaign in Ceredigion to save a K6 kiosk threatened with removal by British Telecom.
  • 05-11-2015: Thieves steal door from County Durham village red telephone box
    Cleveland Police are appealing for any information in relation to the theft of a door from a K6 kiosk in the village of Egglescliffe.
  • 03-11-2015: Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and the K2 telephone kiosk to feature in the British passport design
    The Passport Office unveils the new British passport, with a page showing architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and his most famous designs, the K2 telephone box, Battersea Power Station and Liverpool's Anglian Cathedral.
  • 21-07-2015: Worcestershire teacher campaigns to save village red telephone box from being removed
    Charlton resident Emily Hall-Roberts offers to provide a home for the village K6 kiosk after Charlton Parish Council state no sustainable use has been found for the kiosk.
  • 15-07-2015: British Telecom faces criticism at its Annual General Meeting over its upkeep of telephone boxes
    A BT shareholder has openly criticised the company and taken it to task for the poor state of many of the surviving red telephone boxes, stating the failure to maintain the kiosks reflects badly on the company.
  • 24-06-2015: The BBC visits Unicorn Restorations to see their work restoring Britain's iconic telephone kiosks
    The BBC reports from Merstham in Surrey where Unicorn Restorations has a "graveyard" of disused red telephone kiosks, which the company restores and sells across the world, to countries including Greece, Australia, Italy, France, Switzerland, Abu Dhabi and the US.
  • 10-06-2015: Nottinghamshire telephone kiosk is the country's largest "hanging basket"
    Residents of the village of Orston have added plants and flowers to the telephone box in a scheme supported by Orston Garden Club.
  • 05-06-2015: US town, which shares its name with that in Oxfordshire in the UK, installs its own red telephone boxes
    Abingdon in Virginia has installed two restored K6 telephone boxes to serve as local information points, after linking up with its British namesake.
  • 06-05-2015: Mystery of mindless damage caused in attack on Cornwall village telephone kiosk
    A K6 kiosk in the village of Blackwater has been damaged, its door destroyed and frame badly damaged in an incident, most likely a hit and run, drunk driver or deliberate attack.
  • 29-04-2015: BBC Scotland looks at the decline of the telephone box and new uses for adopted kiosks
    The BBC reports on the decline of the red telephone box in Scotland, where just 1,129 remain, and of those 684 were not used in the previous year to make a telephone call.
  • 14-04-2015: Local councillor calls for Aberdeenshire village telephone box to be repaired by BT
    The poor condition of a K6 telephone box in the Scottish village of Pennan, which starred in the 1983 movie Local Hero, has been highlighted by a local councillor who has called on British Telecom to make repairs to the kiosk.
  • 16-03-2015: The red telephone box is voted the nation's favourite design in a recent poll
    From a short list selected by a panel of judges, a poll of 2,000 UK adults votes the red telephone box Britain's greatest British design of all time in the 'Samsung Galaxy S6 Great British Design Study'.
  • 23-02-2015: Plans to remove telephone kiosks in Cheshire village called off after petition by local residents
    After the community in Helsby unites behind plans to prevent the removal of the village kiosks, British Telecom calls off plans for their removal.
  • 08-10-2014: Primary school children join a campaign to save a Cheshire telephone box
    Pupils and teachers from Helsby Hillside Primary School have joined a campaign to highlight the plight of Helsby's last remaining telephone box, which is threatened with removal.
  • 02-10-2014: London's iconic red telephone boxes turn green to charge your smartphones
    As part of a pilot scheme in London, a K6 telephone kiosk at Tottenham Court Road has been converted into a solar-powered mobile phone charging station, spruced up with a bright-green colour scheme.
  • 23-09-2014: London Marathon runner completes the 26 mile course dressed as a telephone box
    Sid Keyte is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records for running the London Marathon in five hours and 54 minutes, the fastest time for a person dressed as a telephone kiosk. Mr Keyte raised over £6,000 for the charity MIND.
  • 19-08-2014: Somerset red K6 telephone kiosk is discovered with a hedgerow growing inside
    The telephone box on Wells Road in Glastonbury has been discovered slowly being reclaimed by nature, with the nearby hedgerow spreading and growing inside the kiosk.
  • 07-08-2014: Cambridgeshire red telephone box set for removal after it is damaged by vandals
    A traditional K6 kiosk standing on St Mary's Street is set to be removed by BT, who cite a recent act of vandalism as leaving the kiosk damaged beyond repair.
  • 29-07-2014: Highgate Village volunteers unite to help restore an iconic K2 telephone kiosk
    A team of volunteers have joined forces to re-paint the K2 telephone box in Pond Square, after repairs were carried out by British Telecom.
  • 27-07-2014: Newdigate publican's swift actions saves Surrey K6 kiosk from being removed
    Surrey Oaks pub owner Nick Rogers intervenes to prevent British Telecom from removing the telephone box from outside his pub, and with the involvement of Newdigate Parish Council, manages to adopt the telephone box.
  • 25-07-2014: Rare AA kiosk on Exmoor is returned to its original location after restoration
    The AA has restored a rare AA sentry box, located on top of Porlock Hill, after it had fallen into disrepair. Box 137 is Grade II listed and special permission was needed from Exmoor National Park Authority before the restoration could take place.
  • 09-07-2014: Faded Cambridgeshire telephone kiosk receives a make-over by decorating business
    A K6 kiosk in the village of Chatteris has been repainted by volunteers from Johnstone's Decorating Centre in Peterborough, who donated their time and the paint free in order to restore the kiosk to its former glory.
  • 01-07-2014: Dublin-based business launches range of replicas of the iconic Irish telephone box
    Burke Joinery lovingly recreates by hand full-size and scale models of Ireland's iconic telephone boxes, along with a range of telephone box-related memorabilia.
  • 12-06-2014: Leicestershire parish council undertakes to restore and relocate a K6 kiosk
    After many years of wrangling with a troublesome landowner Osgathorpe Parish Council has taken possession of a disused K6 telephone kiosk, and plans to restore and relocate the kiosk in the village.
  • 05-06-2014: Radstock Town Council unveils its newly restored telephone kiosk in the town
    The K6 telephone box standing outside Victoria Hall, had fallen into a state of disrepair before being given a make over by a local business, who restored the kiosk to its former glory.
  • 25-04-2014: Residents unite in a campaign calling for the restoration of a rare K4 kiosk
    Community members in Warrington have started a campaign demanding the restoration of the town's rare K4 telephone kiosk, one of just five surviving examples of the combined telephone box and 'mini' post office.
  • 14-04-2014: British street artist Banksy uses a dilapidated KX100 kiosk in latest work
    Commenting on Government surveillance in the United Kingdom, British street artist Banksy has used a disused KX100 kiosk as a backdrop for his latest work near to GCHQ in Cheltenham.
  • 01-04-2014: K6 kiosk converted into a cashpoint machine installed in Birmingham city centre
    Located on Pinfold Street, near to New Street Station, a K6 kiosk housing a cash point machine has been recently installed in Birmingham city centre.
  • 26-03-2014: Huddersfield kiosk is attacked by mindless vandals leaving residents shocked
    The community of Upper Denby is dismayed to find mindless vandals have attacked their adopted K6 kiosk, four years after the unveiling of the restored telephone box.
  • 07-03-2014: K6 kiosk in north-western German town is restored by members of the British Army
    A K6 kiosk, donated to the north-western German town of Bielefeld, is restored by members of the British Army, for the first time since its arrival twenty-five years ago.
  • 13-02-2014: Britain's stormy winter weather claims one of Hull's famous white-painted kiosks
    A white K6 kiosk on Salisbury Street in Hull is knocked over and irreparably damaged by a falling tree during high winds on the evening of 12 February.
  • 14-01-2014: National Public Radio charts Britain's affection for the red telephone box
    America's National Public Radio in Washington DC reports on Britons and their iconic red telephone kiosks, and how the rise of the mobile phone has seen the decline of the telephone box.
  • 27-12-2013: Isle of Man telecoms company puts kiosks in the hands of local authorities
    Six under-used kiosks on the Isle of Man will have their future determined by local authorities after Manx Telecom hands them over after the kiosk's annual revenue falls below £10 each.
  • 18-12-2013: The story of Oxford's thirteen surviving red telephone boxes goes online
    A history of the remaining red telephone kiosks in the centre of Oxford is published, telling the story of the surviving 13 kiosks, included three listed K6 and one K2 kiosk.
  • 11-12-2013: Red telephone kiosk returns to Scottish town to serve as information booth
    A beautifully restored K6 telephone box is returned to the East Dunbartonshire town of Kirkintilloch, which will be joined by two others to serve as information booths.
  • 21-11-2013: Telephone box calendar selling across the world after being branded 'boring'
    After making the news for not selling a single copy, the 'Fast Disappearing Red Telephone Boxes of Wales 2014' calendar is snapped up by telephone box fans around the world.
  • 14-11-2013: KC donate a K6 kiosk to Beverley's 'The Old School House' residential home
    KC - the Hull-based telecommunications company - has donated one of its cream-painted K6 kiosk to 'The Old School House' residential home in Beverley. It will be placed in the garden to help residents suffering with dementia, by reminding them of familiar objects from their past.
  • 07-11-2013: Yorkshire Police are looking for missing 'Tardis' blue K6 telephone kiosks
    Ten blue-painted K6 kiosks, part of an initiative to bring free wi-fi to Leeds, have disappeared from the Kent-based company Uniquely British, who were in the process of restoring them for telecommunications company AQL.
  • 10-10-2013: Campaigners in Felixstowe receive a setback in efforts to save town kiosk
    Efforts to save one of only three remaining K6 telephone kiosks in Felixstowe has suffered a setback as redevelopment plans for the seafront gardens would see one of those kiosks removed.
  • 22-09-2013: Peak District community ensures that British Telecom repaints the village kiosk
    Residents of the Peak District village of Sheldon arrange for BT to repaint the village's K6 kiosk at the start of September.
  • 08-09-2013: Montgomery Town Council left red faced after it repaints a telephone kiosk blue
    Town Council has to apply for retrospective planning permission for repainting an adopted kiosk in Montgomery blue during its conversion to a mini tourist information centre.
  • 05-08-2013: Lancashire historian discovers historic photograph of Colne's first telephone box
    Local historian Jill Pengelly discovers a rare photograph taken in autumn 1927 of the first K1 telephone kiosk installed at Hyde Park in the Lancashire town of Colne.
  • 26-07-2013: K6 telephone box given by Nottinghamshire town to German twinned-town damaged in storm
    Newark residents appeal for help to repair, or replace, a K6 kiosk donated to its twin town of Emmendingen in south-west Germany, that was damaged by a falling tree during a storm.
  • 01-07-2013: Leeds streets become home to 24 K6 telephone boxes repainted a Tardis-blue colour
    24 K6 kiosks, fitted with wi-fi, and touch-screen devices displaying local tourist information, are unveiled at key locations on the streets of Leeds.
  • 30-06-2013: Shropshire red telephone boxes given Grade II-listed status by English Heritage
    English Heritage has awarded Grade II-listed status to 38 of the remaining 1,746 kiosks in the region, as British Telecom continues to reduce the number of telephone boxes in service.
  • 21-06-2013: Kent adopted K6 telephone kiosk vandalised again in senseless attack by mindless thugs
    A kiosk in Margate, adopted by the town and used to advertise local businesses on the Stone Pier, suffers at the hand of mindless vandals for the second time in a matter of months.
  • 15-06-2013: The BBC reports on the declining use of public telephone boxes in rural areas
    A report from the BBC highlights the declining fortune of the telephone box, especially in rural areas of Britain, and considers whether they have a future.
  • 15-06-2013: A BBC video report on the fight by Pilton villagers to get their K6 kiosk reinstated
    A report from the BBC highlights the villagers of Pilton and their missing kiosk, the adopt a kiosk scheme and the decline of the telephone box and considers whether they have a future, or not.
  • 16-05-2013: Somerset villagers angry with British Telecom for removing village's only K6 kiosk
    Residents of the village of Pilton react with anger following the discovery that the village's only K6 kiosk has been removed by BT, seemingly without warning.
  • 01-05-2013: Cotswolds village K6 telephone kiosk secures listed status from English Heritage
    A red K6 telephone box in the Cotswolds village of Blockley has been awarded Grade II-listed status by English Heritage.
  • 26-04-2013: Councillors of Cheshire town debate the fate of an under-used K6 telephone box
    Knutsford Town Council considers the future of one of the town's K6 kiosks, after hearing that the kiosk was used by only 90 people in the past year.
  • 04-04-2013: Cambridgeshire resident urges British Telecom to reinstate village telephone kiosk
    A Hemingford Grey villager urges British Telecom to reinstate a red telephone box after they removed the kiosk, saying that it was damaged beyond repair.
  • 04-04-2013: Ruthless thieves uproot village K6 telephone kiosk targeting its cash box
    An extraordinary and completely disproportionate attack on a K6 kiosk in the Suffolk village of Debenham saw the kiosk ripped from the ground by mindless thieves after the few coins in the cash box.
  • 28-03-2013: A K6 telephone kiosk reappears in Lincoln town centre, but as a cash point machine
    Lincoln High Street becomes home to a new red K6 telephone box, but instead of housing a telephone the kiosk is now fitted with a cash point machine.
  • 22-03-2013: Echoes of the decline in the British red telephone box seen in New York City
    New York sees the number of public pay phones decline by more than half, with the city now having a similar number of pay phones as there are surviving red telephone boxes in Britain.
  • 18-03-2013: British Royal Navy frigate HMS Westminster becomes home to a K6 telephone kiosk
    While docked on the River Thames for HMS Belfast's 75th birthday celebrations, a red telephone box is installed aboard the Type 23 frigate HMS Westminster for use by the crew when they are in port.
  • 13-03-2013: Hampshire kiosk is restored by BT following a campaign by local residents
    A neglected K6 kiosk on West Street in Havant is repainted following efforts of local residents to get the kiosk restored by British Telecom
  • 09-03-2013: Declining telephone box usage sees British Telecom removing kiosks in Warwick
    Warwick is the latest town in Britain to see its surviving red telephone boxes reduced in number, as BT decommissions a number of under-used kiosks in the town centre.
  • 27-02-2013: Hull K6 kiosk dressed up to help raise money for the BBC's Comic Relief 2013
    Local Hull knitting group, The Knitwits, has knitted a bright red cosy for one of the town's kiosk to help raise money for Comic Relief.
  • 25-02-2013: The Urban Ghosts online magazine recalls the history of the red Telephone Box
    An article on the Urban Ghosts website tells the story of the red Telephone Box, recalling some of the many uses for former kiosks, now adopted by their community
  • 16-02-2013: Lincolnshire telephone kiosk is awarded listed status by English Heritage
    A one-year campaign led by parish councillor Pauline Bacon has succeed in achieving Grade-II listed status from English Heritage for a K6 telephone box in the village of Binbrook near Market Rasen.
  • 05-02-2013: The Daily Telegraph charts the many unusual uses for the red telephone box
    An online photo gallery tells the story of some of the more unusual uses for the telephone box, from the art installation 'Out of Order' in Kingston-upon-Thames to a kiosk in Glendaruel, Argyll housing a life-saving defibrillator machine.
  • 29-01-2013: A K6 telephone kiosk takes pride of place in a new Design Museum exhibition
    The Design Museum in London has chosen to include a K6 telephone kiosk as part of its 'Extraordinary Stories about Ordinary Things' exhibition, which runs from 30 January 2013 to 4 January 2015, at its Shad Thames home in Central London.
  • 17-01-2013: Expatriate K6 kiosk in Orange County, California to become local art installation
    A disused red telephone box, now resident in Laguna Beach in California, is to become a template for local artists to display their artwork either inside or outside iconic kiosk.
  • 08-01-2013: Watch my interview with German television, Deutsche Welle, about the Telephone Box
    See my interview, recorded at Covent Garden in central London, with Deutsche Welle's Martin Herzog about the story of Britain's of historic red telephone boxes.
  • 30-12-2012: Builder Les Kenny charts his project to build himself a K2 telephone kiosk
    Les Kenny shares his story of how he created his own red K2 telephone box out of wood. in a remarkable personal project to recreate one of Britain's most famous icon.
  • 21-12-2012: Cambridgeshire school children use a K6 kiosk to help their story writing skills
    Pupils and teachers at Great & Little Shelford Primary School dress up a mannequin as a character to sit in the local adopted K6 kiosk, and then use the character as inspiration for their story writing skills, creating a story about how the character came to be in the kiosk.
  • 20-12-2012: London votes the red telephone box as the city icon they would most like to save
    Time Out magazine asks its readers which of seven icons - including the Routemaster bus - would they most like to save if London "was burning down", with nearly 40% voting to save the red telephone box.
  • 06-12-2012: Disused Cambridgeshire K6 kiosk is wrapped to become a giant Christmas present
    The Ouse Life Drawing Group in Little Ouse, Ely, have taken inspiration from the Christmas season and wrapped their local K6 kiosk in Christmas wrapping paper, complete with a big red bow, as part of a monthly arts programme for the adopted kiosk.
  • 04-12-2012: Suffolk K6 telephone kiosk is 'rediscovered' under a thick covering of ivy growth
    A K6 kiosk in the village of Exning that was so overgrown with ivy, that it had only been used three times in the last year, is 'unveiled' once again after the ivy is cut back.
  • 14-11-2012: Devon town residents embark on a restoration of their adopted K6 telephone kiosk
    Honiton residents begin the restoration of one of the town's two remaining K6 kiosks, starting with a repainting which has been delayed by the weather.
  • 09-11-2012: A red telephone box makes it was across the Atlantic to join an expatriate Briton in New England
    A Briton, living in North Stamford, Connecticut, has purchased a K6 kiosk and had it shipped across the Atlantic to take pride of place outside his New England home.
  • 09-11-2012: A Somerset telephone kiosk, rescued from the undergrowth, is threatened with decommissioning
    A K6 kiosk in village of Street in Somerset, which was recently 're-discovered' entwined in ivy, is threatened with removal by British Telecom.
  • 30-10-2012: A Harborough resident calls for a neglected K6 telephone kiosk in the town to be repainted
    Resident Fred Lawrence calls on British Telecom to repaint the High Street K6 kiosk, as the kiosk's traditional red paintwork has now faded on a pink colour.
  • 29-10-2012: Somerset K6 telephone kiosk is 'discovered' completely covered in ivy growth
    K6 kiosk in the village of Street in Somerset is so overgrown with ivy that it has only been used four times in the last year, and the kiosk is now earmarked for removal by British Telecom.
  • 26-10-2012: Disused Norfolk telephone kiosk to become a local information point for visitors
    A disused K6 kiosk in Overstrand is to be moved and converted to serve as a local information and tourist point with visitor information about the surrounding area.
  • 18-10-2012: Village secures Community Action Pride award for its adopted K6 kiosk lending library
    The village of Hatton, near Warrington wins a 'Little Gem' award at the 2012 Community Action Pride Awards for its 'Adopt a Kiosk' telephone kiosk lending library.
  • 04-10-2012: Scottish villagers form a stockade of vehicles to protect a K6 kiosk from removal by BT
    Villagers in Kilmuir unite to protect the local K6 kiosk from removal, by forming a ring of vehicles around the kiosk to stop its removal by British Telecom.
  • 04-10-2012: Cotswolds telephone kiosk is set to be transformed into a local lending library
    Paxford villagers are the latest community to participate in the 'Adopt a Kiosk' scheme and plan to convert their disused kiosk to house a library of donated books for the local community.
  • 22-09-2012: Staffordshire village's iconic K6 telephone kiosk is profiled on community website
    Kinver community website tells the story of the local K6 telephone kiosk, the history of telecommunications in the area and the story of the red telephone box.
  • 06-09-2012: Surrey youngsters restore kiosk in Dorking as part of a summer of community work in the county
    A scheme involving 90 young people, aged from 7 to 16, completes a programme of community work in Leatherhead and Dorking, including restoring a kiosk at the King George V Playing Fields.
  • 05-09-2012: A Guildford photographer calls for the town's remaining K6 telephone kiosks to be restored
    Resident Michael Sleigh calls on British Telecom to clean and maintain the town's three surviving K6 kiosks, which are beginning to look neglected.
  • 23-08-2012: Scottish islanders dismayed to find K6 telephone kiosk stripped of its telephone equipment
    Residents on the Hebridean island of Canna complain to British Telecom after the island's only kiosk is left without a telephone.
  • 20-08-2012: Police call for information after County Armagh kiosk wrecked by mystery explosion
    K6 kiosk near to the Ballyargan Catholic Church is wrecked by an senseless explosion, which shattered every pane of glass and destroyed the telephone equipment.
  • 20-08-2012: South Oxfordshire K6 kiosk repainted gold to celebrate Britain's Olympians
    Checkendon Parish councillor Tim Corbishley has repainted the village's adopted K6 kiosk in gold to recognise Britain's triumphant Olympic sportsmen and women.
  • 12-08-2012: Olympic boxing champion Luke Campbell honoured with a gold-painted K6 kiosk
    City of Hull telephone network operator Kingston Communications honours town's Olympic boxing gold medallist Luke Campbell with a specially repainted gold K6 kiosk.
  • 03-08-2012: Interview with ABC News about the history and decline of the British Red Telephone Box
    Read my interview with ABC News' Julie Foudy and Jake Whitman about the declining numbers of red telephone boxes and how the British public has taken them to their hearts.
  • 03-08-2012: Watch my interview with ABC News' Julie Foudy about the British Red Telephone Box
    See my interview recorded at South Kensington in central London with ABC News' Julie Foudy and Jake Whitman about the story of Britain's of historic red telephone boxes.
  • 09-07-2012: Chapel-en-le-Frith resident fights for British Telecom to restore decaying village K6 kiosk
    Local resident Dawn Proudlock tackles British Telecom about their failure to repair and repaint a red telephone kiosk located on Spencer Road, which is in a neglected state.
  • 06-07-2012: A rare K8 telephone kiosk is "rediscovered" at Manchester University in fine condition
    Having spent all its life indoors in the lobby area of the Simon Engineering Building a K8 kiosk is rediscovered in an excellent condition at Manchester University.
  • 19-06-2012: Eighty replica 'BT ArtBox' telephone kiosks are unveiled across the streets of London
    British Telecom's 'BT ArtBoxes' project hits the streets of the capital, as 80 replica kiosks, transformed by artists and designers, are unveiled around London.
  • 01-06-2012: Welcome to our relaunched Telephone Box website,
    Our popular Telephone Box website has been updated for 2012 with brand new illustrations, lots of new content and all the latest kiosk news.
  • 25-05-2012: Historic Herefordshire telephone kiosk is targeted by reckless scrap metal thieves
    Thieves in Ballingham, Herefordshire uproot and drag an historic kiosk down the road for two miles before abandoning the kiosk at the roadside.
  • 09-05-2012: Rescued iconic K6 telephone kiosks await new homes in Newark warehouse
    The Daily Telegraph visits the warehouse of X2 Connect as they prepare refurbished telephone kiosks to go on sale to the general public.
  • 09-05-2012: My website is featured in an interview on BBC Radio Cornwall's breakfast show
    As part of BBC Radio Cornwall's breakfast show with James Churchfield I am interviewed about this website and the Telephone Box.
  • 26-04-2012: British Telecom announces the sale of its surplus K6 telephone kiosks to the general public
    BT has announced the sale of its surplus stock of K6 kiosks through kiosk and payphone specialist X2 Connect with prices starting from £1,950, excluding VAT and delivery
  • 08-03-2012: 'British' pub in Ontario, Canada, is now complete with a K6 kiosk shipped across from the UK
    Michele and Andy Normington install an original K6 kiosk in the backyard of their British-themed pub in the Canadian city of Belleville, Ontario.
  • 15-02-2012: BT launches'ArtBox' using replica K6 kiosks to help raise money for the charity Childline
    A public art project using replica, white K6 kiosks as canvases for artists and designers is launched by BT to help raise funds for the 25th anniversary of Childline.
  • 07-09-2011: Gloucestershire village parish councillors alarmed as electricity bill for kiosk increases ten fold
    Parish council in the village of Arlingham hit with a £75 quarterly bill for electricity for the village kiosk, up from £7 for the previous quarter
  • 02-09-2011: South Brent residents protest at the sudden removal of village K6 telephone kiosk
    Local residents support moves to retain K6 telephone kiosk on Exeter Road after its sudden removal by contractors on behalf of British Telecom.
  • 24-08-2011: In its 75th anniversary year the K6 telephone kiosk is recognised by the Design Museum
    A K6 telephone kiosk is unveiled as part of the Design Museum's "This Is Design" exhibition celebrating British design icons, including the Anglepoise lamp, British traffic lights and British road signs.
  • 11-06-2011: Vandals attack Grade II-listed K1 telephone kiosk in Bembridge, on the Isle of Wight
    The 1921 K1 kiosk, believed to be the oldest working kiosk in the country, was vandalised following a late night party. One window pane was smashed and a further six cracked in a senseless act of vandalism.
  • 09-05-2011: Devon villagers present K6 kiosk to their 'twin' village of Commes in Normandy, France
    Residents of Brampford Speke, including the grandson of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, have purchased and restored a K6 kiosk, to be presented to their 'twin' village in northern France.
  • 29-04-2011: London-based artist Lizzie Allen produces Telephone Box wallpaper
    Artist Lizzie Allen has produced a life-size, hand screen printed wallpaper of a K6 Kiosk, which is available to buy from her website.
  • 24-03-2011: Use of telephone kiosks by general public in Wales plummets over last couple of years
    Statistics from British Telecom show that nearly one quarter of public telephone kiosks in Wales are used to make less than one call per month.
  • 20-02-2011: Listed pair of K6 kiosks in Manchester's St Peter's Square to be restored
    As part of the redevelopment of St Peter's Square and the Town Hall complex British Telecom will remove and restore two listed K6 kiosks before reinstating them in 2014.
  • 29-01-2011: Isle of Man K6 kiosk to be restored to former glory for museum display
    Manx Telecom donates a K6 kiosk to the Jurby Transport Museum where it will be restored by the Manx Transport Trust before going on display.
  • 20-12-2010: Peterborough kiosk finds a new 21st century use as a 'cash machine'
    British Telecom has unveiled a K6 telephone kiosk in Peterborough that has been unsympathetically converted into a cash machine.
  • 20-12-2010: K6 telephone box deliberately destroyed in senseless hit-and-run incident
    K6 kiosk in Newton, Nottinghamshire adopted by Shelford and Newton Parish Council is destroyed in a deliberate, mindless hit-and-run incident.
  • 10-12-2010: Tuition fees protestors wreck Parliament Square K2 and K6 kiosks
    Rioting protestors against a hike in tuition fees wreck two K2 and two K6 kiosks around Parliament Square in Central London, daubing kiosks with graffiti and smashing 132 kiosk glass panes in total.
  • 19-10-2010: Telephone kiosk on Bath's Royal Crescent given protected listed status
    English Heritage adds 800 new listings for the World Heritage Site-status city of Bath. Included is a grey K6 kiosk overlooking Bath's Royal Crescent.
  • 03-09-2010: Telephone kiosk brings new meaning to the word 'convenience'
    A retired Somerset salesman has converted a K6 kiosk into a fully-equipped outside toilet at his home near Taunton.
  • 06-04-2010: North Yorkshire villagers fight to keep telephone in telephone kiosk
    Residents of the North Yorkshire village of Rosedale fight plans by British Telecom to remove the telephone from the village's K6 kiosk.
  • 16-03-2010: Vandals senselessly attack Folkestone telephone kiosk art installation
    Fears expressed for the future of a K6 telephone kiosk art installation by artist Shane Record in the Kent town after repeated attacked by vandals.
  • 22-01-2010: CADW provides grant to restore 'Tardis' police box in Newport village
    Wales' historic environment service awards grant of £10,500 towards the repair of a 'Tardis' police box in the village of Somerton, near Newport.
  • 10-12-2009: Red telephone kiosk set to return to the village of Hampstead Norreys
    British Telecom reinstates a K6 telephone kiosk in the Berkshire village 20 years after it was removed following a campaign by local residents.
  • 07-12-2009: Winners announced in competition to find new uses for old telephone kiosks
    British Telecom announces the winners in its nationwide competition to discover the best new use for an 'adopted' telephone kiosk.
  • 19-10-2009: Local Surrey council fights to 'save' telephone kiosks for residents
    Waverley Borough Council in Surrey launches a campaign to keep 46 red telephone kiosks in Surrey in use and save them from being put out of service.
  • 23-09-2009: Shropshire hamlet fights back against British Telecom's new kiosk regime
    Residents of Chesterton, near Bridgnorth, fight British Telecom plans to charge £300 a year for kiosk, or are faced with loosing public telephone service.
  • 17-07-2009: First Bruce Martin-designed K8 kiosk given protected listed status by English Heritage
    After a two year campaign by the Twentieth Century Society English Heritage has announced the first listing of a K8 kiosk at Shrub Hill Station in Worcester.
  • 29-12-2008: Royal Mail celebrates the K2 telephone kiosk in a series of stamps
    A series of special stamps have been produced by the Royal Mail featuring iconic British designs including the Mini, Concorde, and the red telephone box.

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